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The BG Magazine
Becoming Greater is a quarterly magazine with one purpose at its core: That is, elevating women from every lifestyle to uncover the path to their true inner power.

In a world where women are often confined to a box, mostly not of their making, through our engaging features, interviews & profiles, we invite you into the lives of women from diverse backgrounds who have themselves discovered how to become greater in their own homes, workplaces, or communities.

We also help with step-by-step guidance from; starting over late in life, changing your career, or starting a business, to improving your relationships, dynamic parenting tips, finding a mentor or how to begin community action and more.

The adventure is limitless and one full of creativity and wonder, centred around and built upon a foundation of faith, as you, too, join us, in the journey towards becoming greater.

Publication Dates:
30 June 2021 - Summer Edition,
31 September 2021 - Austumn Edition,
15 December 2021 - Christmas/Winter Edition,
31 March, 2022 - Spring Edition.
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I invite you to become a part of our Becoming Greater community worldwide. By subscribing to the BG magazine, you will be able to gain direct access into the heart of the community. You will be better informed, in tune and tap into the amazing direction, lifestyle and momentum of the Holy Spirit as He works His way into our collective lives together.

You will be able to join your other sisters all over the world in sharing their experiences and see how you too can live a becoming greater lifesyle through Christ Jesus.

By subscribing to this unique quaterly magazine, you will be able to stay connected with your BG village community.
What an exciting season ahead of us?
Come and be a part today.

In His Forever love,

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