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Ephesians 4v23: "Be made new in the attitude of your minds."

Healed on 9 April, 2005

I am still Standing

I am Still Standing was the first written account of her miraculous healing thirteen years ago on 9 April, 2005 at a night vigil event.
Acts 3:16 Precious Miracle

Acts 3:16 Precious Miracle

Acts 3:16 Precious Miracle was the second edition of her miraculous healing with eye witness accounts included.
First Healing Journal

The First Healing Journal

I am Still Standing - The Healing Journal was first produced in 2006. Now out of print sadly.

Renew Messenger


Jannet Hopewell is a minister, teacher, mentor, speaker & multiple author. She is the co-founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Life Family Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. She is proudly married to her husband Bishop Joseph Hopewell. They have four children who are all immersed in ministry & mission work.

She ministers & teaches under God's Grace and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, not on her own human wisdom. The teachings are straightforward and there is nothing in between and nothing you can't understand. She loves preaching, ministering and writing. She communicates the word of God in a way that is direct, fresh, bold, powerful and in a positive manner that easily connects people to God.

Her ministry programs names & teaches on helping women various areas of health & wellness related issues that affects women & girls. Special experts are brought in with expertise in various fields to address & discuss prevailing health & wellness issues and problems.

Jannet's passion is in seeing people released from brokenness & bondage and helping those hurting and are hungry for God's love.

She is passionate about seeing people RENEWED, restored and their Value, Identity & Purpose [VIP] in life enhanced. She delights in seeing people triumph and walk in victory.

She declares:
"Since receiving my miraculous healing from God by the help of the Holy Spirit, I have experienced first hand the transforming power of renewing my mind with the truth of God's word. I know by my experience that it is the key to real and lasting change."

She is sent to help women & girls to take practical steps of actions in the areas of their health & wellness (self care) and to equip them to get stronger in who they are & in their journey of becoming Christlike.

She is very passionate about prayer and healing, having suffered and was healed from Stage 4 Sponylolisthesis, Endometriosis & Multiple Adhesions. She was confined to a wheelchair & crutches for 15 years until the Lord gave her a miraculous healing victory on 9th of April, 2005 following a powerful prayer vigil night.

She is a prolific writer and the author of over 35 books.
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She is the founder of Jannet Hopewell Renewal Messengers International Ministry & the founder if Jannet Hopewell Ministries - Scotland, a Scottish registered charity. Registered Charity No. SC042864/Company Limited By Guarantee No.411654. Website: (Click Here To Visit JHM Scotland)