At Jannet Hopewell Ministries we are called to share the 'RENEW' message of hope, healing, health & Wholeness that is within the powers entrenched in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are called to help people get the balance right between their Spirit, Mind, soul & Body with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Through the use of conferences, retreats, outreaches & media application we teach people how to apply biblical principles and godly truths to their daily living and we inspire them to make a difference and to be the difference in their homes, family, neighbourhood, communities and in their own country as well as in the nations of the world as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28v18-20.

At Jannet Hopewell Ministries, we are focused & committed to encouraging people to live a life of continual RENEWAL and of HEALTH & WELLNESS on their journey of becoming Christlike.

We are called to disciple nations and demonstrate the love of Christ through our HEART OF LOVE mission work and outreaches.

What is the Heart Of Love mission?
HEART OF LOVE is our mission outreach department that carries out all our local and international outreach & mission initiatives. Through the HOL we are able to respond to the physical, emotional, practical, psychological & spiritual need of those we support. HOL is also our evangelism outreach ministry for spreading God's Agape LOVE and for letting people know that God loves them and cares about their personal & collective need in life.

What are HOL's core activities at home and abroad:
Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ & His saving grace.
Domestic violence awareness campaigns.
Health & Wellness support & packs handout.
Feeding & food parcels distribution outreach.
Multivitamins support & handout project to the poor.
Medical & dental care outreach in poor areas.
Housing & homelessness action programs overseas.
Slavery, Human trafficking & sex abuse campaigns.
Housing support for the poor and destitute.

Other Vital activities/services:
Managing of our two orphanages of 40 children
Counselling for traumatised women & children victims of abuse.
Educational initiatives for poor & destitute children overseas.
Precious academy School project for orphans & disabled children.
JHM orphanage project management overseas.
Administration of the JHM microfinance initiatives overseas.
Church partner affilation & partnerships initiatives abroad.

Urgent Current Project Need:
We are urgently seeking to raise £250k (GBP) to complete the two buildings housing our orphaned children both at Kothapalli & Veeralankapalli in Andra Pradesh, India as well as for the building of two Precious Academies both in Kenya & India for able body & disabled young girls who otherwise will never gain access to a good quality education or have a chance in life. These projects are very dear to our hearts and we are urgently seeking committed partners to help us achieve these goals.

Through our HEART OF LOVE mission work, we actively campaign against domestic violence & abuse and the sex trafficking, abuse & exploitation of women in the sex trade. We are also called to feed the hungry, provide healthcare support to the poor and help orphaned & disabled children, the elderly, widows and so many others.


We have been actively ministering since 2005 and we do so with a servant attitude, complete humility and with total accountability & integrity. We do so with the support of partners called by the Lord to help us make a difference. We invite you to join & partner with us today! JHM Global is built on the foundation of God's agape LOVE and upon faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Additional Outreach Activities:
Children school feeding programs.
Training & retraining initiatives for poor, vulnerable & destitute women overseas.
Distibution of educational books & resources provision to poor childen overseas.
Third world educational facilities support programs.
Members, student, interns, volnteers & visitors mission internships overseas.
JHM resources & publications promotion overseas.

Interested in Volunteering at JHM?
If you interested in voluteering or being a part of the HEART OR LOVE projects overseas, please email and request for details.
Email: renew@jannethopewell.org or submit an application form by clicking below.
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How do I donate to JHM?
To donate a gift of any amount, please scroll down or click on the button below:
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