At Jannet Hopewell Ministries Global we pride ourselves in bringing the 'RENEW' message of hope, healing, health & Wholeness that is within the powers entrenched in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We use every available tool at our disposal and our RENEW newsletter is one of such essential tools. With our newsletters we are able to help people get the balance right between their Spirit, Mind, Soul & Body and to keep focused on living a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

As accountable stewards, we use our newsletters to bring you news of ongoing/upcoming conferences, retreats, prayer meetings, seminars, workshops, revival meetings, television broadcasts, and give you updates on our progress with the HEART OF LOVE mission projects we run in India, Africa & in other places. We use it to apply gentle reminders of the need to adhere to Godly biblical principles and in our daily living and lifestyle. The newsletters are sent out also to inspire people to make a difference and be the difference in their homes, family, neighbourhood, in their own nation.

At JHM Global we are focused & committed to helping people to live a life of continual RENEWAL and of HEALTH & WELLNESS on their journey of becoming Christlike.

Our newsletters bring you constant updates on the work we do through our HEART OF LOVE mission work. It updates you on our campaign against domestic violence & abuse and the sexual abuse & exploitation of women in the sex trade. With it we are able to update you on how we feed the hungry, provide healthcare support to the poor and help orphaned & disabled children, the elderly, widows and so many others around the world.

We also use our newsletters to update you on the advanvement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the release of devotional resources, new books and journals, television programs and we use it to alert you to current developments within the ministry. Please Click Here To Subscribe!