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Ephesians 4v23: "Be made new in the attitude of your minds."

Healed on 9 April, 2005

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Join like minded women to form a sisterly bond held together by the LOVE of Jesus Christ. A powerful experience awaits you. It is a journey like no other.
Acts 3:16 Precious Miracle

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Bring your own friends & like minded women together to form your own precious woman group and make a huge difference.
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You will be touching countless lives and making a huge difference. You will be helping the poor and helping to break the chains of suffering of others.

"Coming together in a group helps to encourage us in the stillness of His presence for change!".





What is the Precious Woman Group?
The RENEW precious woman group is an initiative of the Jannet Hopewell Ministries where women are encouraged to come together, bound by a commonality of purpose which is to help each other and to help our sisters in need in our own community and in communities across the world. Our determination is to be solution oriented and not be self seeking. Our service to God is the highest ideal that binds us together as a true band of sisters in Christ who are on a mission to transform the world for good. As a practice we gather together frequently with like minded women for a joyful period of socialising, praying for others, praying for each other and for the world, sharing encouraging Gospel messages and/or reviewing a good book togther. We break bread by sharing a simple meal together with our signature cups of tea, coffee or fresh juice on every occasion. We are women on a mission!

Whilst the Precious Woman Group may have the appearance of a social group with friends gathering together to have a good time, It is also important to be focused on the REAL PURPOSE which mainly is: To fellowship together through Christ Jesus. To join forces to help other women & sisters rise out of their poor circumstances and become over comers also. Grow together stronger in our natural & spiritual walk in Christ and become a support structure to one another in good & bad times. To form a community for life and engage in building a Kingdom bond.

What is the core purpose of the precious woman group?
To support each other & be there for one another.
To support our sisters who are in need across the world>
To support women & their children by standing up for justice, fairness and equality.
To impact our neighbourhoods, communities and the world in simple ways.

Our other common purpose are:
To become a force for change in the world by taking a stand to do something for those in need & those living in poverty.
To become a voice for the voiceless and an action force for improving the lives of our sisters across the world.
To meet regularly & fellowship together.
To pray for each other & for our families.

We encourage one another in Christ.
We seek to form a community of women, bonding in Christ. We are called to make a difference and to be the difference.
We are always there for one another in all circumstances, good and bad.
We support one another in every God given way possible.
We build each other up, morally and spiritually.
We stand strong together.
We break bread regularly and share in love feasts & tea parties together.
We mentor one another in love and in Christ.
We watch out for each other & are willing to correct one another in love.
We give each other permission to get to know one another better.

What are our unique qualities?
We are prayer warriors. [James 5v16-17]
We are to be true and honest with one another.
We are committed to friendship in Christ for life not just for a season.
Openness, honesty of intent & purpose and transparency must exist between us.
We are willing to LOVE one another and to walk in LOVE. [John 15v15-16]

What is the social signature of the precious woman group at our gatherings?
Praying together and also listening & encouraging one another.
Sharing a simple meal.
Sharing our signature cups of tea, coffee and/or juices on every occassion.

Renew Essential Truth:
It is essential for every RENEW precious woman Group to keep growing in their relationship with the Lord Jesus, as He is the Way, the Truth & The Life. (John 14v6-8)

What the RENEW group is not about:
The focus of the RENEW Group is not about what we do for God but what He wants to do in us. (John 14v6-8)

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What are the values of the precious woman group?
Be engaged in charitable activites that benefits our sisters & their children worldwide who are disadvantaged or destitute.
Help all our all sisters, heal the broken, build up the weak & save souls!

What are the other activities of the precious woman groups?
There are so many activities of the precious groups. Some are listed below:
1. Particpate/support the PWG webinars, seminars and conferences for precious women annually.
2. Fundraise for local as well as international humanitarian projects that benefits disadvantaged women & children.
3. Undertake the precious Walk & Renew Walk courses together.
4. Send in updates, pictures, videos and reports of your local/international activities.
5. Organise your own local women meetings or events with organisational help from mission HQ.
6. Plan, host & organise Galilean Breakfast every Easter Monday with family & friends - See John 21v1-21.
7. Celebrate Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving with your PWG friends and advance the cause of supporting the poor at the same time.
8. Be pro-active in engaging in the campaigns against sex trafficking, forced prostitution and domestic violence, as two women are killed every week in the United Kingdom alone and hundreds more are killed regularly all over the world.

What precious women do not do:
A true band of sisters will not hurt one another, gossip, be malicious to the other or walk in un-forgiveness.
[1 Timothy 5v13]
A true band of sisters will not seek to hate or hurt one another.
A true band of sisters NEVER let each other down. [Titus 2v9]
True band of sisters are NOT be selfish or be self seeking.

True band of sisters do not envy their other sisters and are not jealous of them.
True band of sisters will not exploit another sister or anyone else.
True band of sisters do not fold their arms whilst the other sisters are suffering all around the world.
True sister will not use the PWG for self promotion and for personal profit at the expense of the group/mission.
True band of sisters always walk in LOVE!
True band of sisters don't break faith with one another!
Honesty and integrity is a paramount requirement of a PWG participation.

Here is our prayer:
May God bless you and may He use the renewing moments in your group to empower you and meet you on your journey of transformation. Amen!


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