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James 5v14: "Is anyone among you sick? "

The Power Of Heart Confidence - Part 2
"Your goal as the first verse of John 3v19-22 says is to - "Have your heart at rest in His presence."

This should be your most natural state of mind, any time that you approach your heavenly Father. But if this is not the case there is good news for you in the reading passage. "God is greater than your heart." He knows everything about you and still loves you anyway!

Approach God Boldly!

So, do not be alarmed about the state of your mind! But, if on the other hand you approach God boldly and confidently because He invited you to come and you are coming not on your own merits but in Jesus' merit and His righteous stand, then your receiver is big and fully functional.

Quick Heart Check

As you prepare to come to the Lord, do a quick heart check - Ask yourself:
Is my heart condemning me? Do I feel unqualified?
If this is so, just take that as a signal to put yourself back into full remembrance that you are not coming in your own righteousness but in Jesus' righteousness because He has taken your sin in full upon himself!

Take Time To Listen:

Take time to listen out to see if the Holy Spirit is bringing forward in your mind some habit, practices or attitude of yours that He wants you to pay attention to. Then ask Him to help you change them. Then, walk with the Holy Spirit as He helps you to renew your mind in God's Word of truth and to correct and adjust those habits, practices or attitudes!

The Next Thing To Do?

The next thing to do is to keep on moving forward!
Bear in mind all the time that you are "In Him" (In Christ) and NOT on your own! In fact, according to Galatians 3:37 - You have been "clothed" with Him. And Acts 17:28 says, "In him you live, In Him you move, In Him you have your being." The key to your heart confidence to receive answers in your prayers is understanding the principle that your heart's confidence, is in Christ!

Pray This Grace Prayer!
Father, I come to you today clothed in your beloved son Jesus and therefore I come to you confidently. My heart does not condemn me. Rather, it is at rest in your wonderful Fatherly loving presence. And because my heart does not condemn me, I know I have and receive all that I ask, as well as all that belongs to me in Christ Jesus! I thank you Father today with my whole heart! Amen!

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