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James 5v14: "Is anyone among you sick? "

God's Precious Word Of Good Medicine

"He sent forth His word and healed them; He rescued them from the grave." - Psalm 107v20

Mistaken Replacement!

Many people make the mistake of replacing belief in healing for actually taking God's precious word like medicine. They say, "I believe in healing"; but they're not using or applying the Word of God.

The Questions:

Question is; If your doctor prescribed you medicine, how much good can the medicine do if they are not being applied? Likewise, God's Word is His medicine - for your Spiritual being. The Word is a healing agent, just as natural medicine is a healing agent for substance that aids healing.

In other words, your prescribed medicine itself contains the capacity to produce healing. But innate within God's Word is the capacity, the life, the ability and the nature to bring about healing to your body.

Like Medicine:

So how do you take it? It's only as God's word instructed. When God's word gets rooted in your heart and stays there that is when it produces healing in your body.

Scripture Must Penetrate:

What I am saying is that head knowledge alone is not enough and won't do it. The scriptures have to penetrate your mind and heart through meditating on them - reading them, hearing them, pondering them and rolling them around over and over in your mouth - to produce healing in your body. And once the word really penetrates your heart, it can bring about health to all the cells in your body! I encourage you to choose to let the word of God go deep within your heart today and produce health.

Pray This Prayer:

Dear Father,
I choose from here on to meditate on your healing Words, taking them like medicine. With your Word deeply rooted in my heart, I know your healing will fill my body to overflow.
In Jesus' name I pray - Amen!

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