Would you like for us to pray for you?

James 5v14: "Is anyone among you sick? "

Maggie Testified Saying:
"Morning this is Maggie. I just wanted to say thank you for calling me and praying for me and with me. The Lord has done it. I got a new job which I will be starting on Tuesday. I thank you very much pastor for your encouraging words and prayers. Please don't forget to keep me in your prayer. Thank you very much..... I will see you in church tomorrow morning. Thank you and God bless!
Date: 29/05/2021

Angel Testified Saying:
When I had to go back to Zimbabwe, I was a broken woman and I was left with nothing. God has since healed my heart, blessed the farm that I inherited with my sisters. My cows have given birth to numerous calves. I am looking to add a pigery to the farm and God has just been doing incredible things in my life. Thank you for your prayers and support. I bless God!
Date: April 2021

Grace Testified Saying:
Last week a word from Mama Pastor Jannet stood out for me, in her message she said you can move while waiting! so, I started my own online business selling my own brand of merchandise. The range is called - I AM GOOD ENOUGH! I give God praise!
Date: 16 May, 2021

Maria Testified Saying:
Dear Mother Jannet, prayer has helped me greatly!
I am feeling much much better in learning to manage the emotions of other people... Sometimes, I need to go on hibernation time because it is part of the “prayer process” that I am living but every time I come other the other side, I become stronger in Jesus name. I have been feeling JESUS' presence on a daily basis more stronger than ever. I tend to talk to him more often and ask for his guidance as to what he wants me to do.
I feel so blessed to have you, mother Jannet and all of you in my life as for sure I can feel all the prayers and blessings you are sending my way and remembering that you are helping me to become greater in you each and every day.
Date: 03 June, 2021
Pray This Prayer
Dearest Father,
It is me your child.
I thank you for your perfect Love for me that casts out my fear every single time.
I pray that I will know the incredible greatness of your power in your word for me and also believe you.
So, I put my faith in you.
I know that your presence is with me and that you will lead me through all the uncertainty I face in life today.
I receive your unconditional and perfect love for me.
In Jesus' name I pray!

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