Here are some very common questions people tend to ask about JHM Global mission work.
Here are some very common questions people tend to ask about the Heart Of Love projects.

Typical Questions

At JHM Global, 'HEART OF LOVE' is our mission outreach department that carries out all our local and international outreach & mission initiatives. Through the HOL we are able to respond to the physical, emotional, practical, psychological & spiritual need of those we support. HOL is also our evangelism outreach ministry for spreading God's Agape LOVE and for letting people know that God loves them and cares about their personal & collective need in life.
You can enrol online to become part of the international Heart Of Love projects of the chariry, as a volunteer, ground/medical staff, intern, professional staff worker, teacher, fundraiser, or as a coampaigner helping to shed light on some of our causes including but not limited to Domestic Violence & Abuse, Sex trafficking, Sex trade exploitation of women, etc. To enroll online go to: www.jannethopewellministries.co.uk/volunteer.html
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