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Take Up Your Sword

As God's children we face many problems. In this sermon Pastor Jannet encourages us to trust God in the midst of adversity, we must take up our sword in the word of God, because He has guarenteed you the victory!

Treasure Jar

As God's children we can often live inside of our own thinking, when really we needed to renew our minds through God's word and gain a new way of thinking.


As God's children we are a Spirit of power, of love and of sound mind. So, matter what situation we are in today, God says because we belong to Him, we will always see results in our lives.

Fresh Sermons

Renew Collection

Unceasing Intensity

Join Pastor Jannet for an message as we learn to understand the importance stewarding an unceasing attitude as we live out our everyday life.


Have you every been interrupted? Just when your day is going smoothly and your coffee spills or the car battery dies on the way to work or perhaps your kids hide your work documents. All of these interruptions can often send us down a spiral of negativity and cause us to loose our right standing. During this message Interruptions by Pastor Jannet. You will gain the tools you need to withstand interruptions and come out victoriously.

Wholeness - A Fresh New Start

Jesus came and died for us on the cross so that we me live a new life of wholeness through Christ Jesus.